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As a Health Strategist…I help you figure things out!

I take everything you've learned, all the ideas and beliefs you have about dieting, "losing weight", metabolism, and being healthy and help you make sense of it all!

I’ll offer you a deeper understanding of how the human body works; how NOT ONLY the amount and type of foods you eat, affect your health and metabolism. But how avoiding foods demonized by many of today’s “weight loss” experts and obsessing over what you should eat can have a profound affect on you socially, emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically.

I’ll provide insight; a new way to think about diet, “weight loss”, and metabolism. I’ll encourage you to free yourself of limiting believes about food deprivation, calorie restriction, the avoidance of sugar, salt, saturated fat and starchy carbohydrates, as well as the need to do countless hours of high intensity breathless exercise to improve your health, body composition and personal appearance.

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Today there are dozens of exercise trends, and communities that promote “high-intensity”  exercise.  However, like the wrong diet/nutrition or health plan, the wrong exercise regimen can result in structural imbalances, muscle tightness/soreness, even chronic pain. Moreover, the wrong type and amount of exercise can have a profound affect on your metabolism causing exhaustion, weight gain and other health problems.

My aim is to  help you improve the way you move; improve your ability to perform life’s daily task, athleticism and metabolism.


Metabolism is likely the most misunderstood of all things related to “weight loss” and health. Cellular energy production, metabolic rate or or what is better known as metabolism is considered to be the key to preventing chronic disease, maintain a health body composition and a more sustainable level of health.

I’ll share with you simple, non invasive strategies on how to determine your metabolic rate, and how to optimize cellular energy production to improve your body composition, energy, and vitality.


Everyone is so obsessed with “weight loss”, and finding the perfect diet in an effort to  improve their personal appearance, that they have moved farther and farther away from the most fundamental things they need to do to be healthy!

I’ll encourage you to free yourself of your limiting believes about food, calorie restriction, and the avoidance of the foods you enjoy eating most!  I’ll show you how to improve your metabolism while still maintaining some sense of normalcy in your life and enjoy food in the way it was meant to be.

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