I'll help you figure things out; to take everything you’ve learned, all the ideas and beliefs you have about diet, nutrition, exercise, disease prevention, and healthy living and help you make sense of it all.









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For the last 18 years I have spent most of my time learning all I can about diet, nutrition, exercise, disease prevention and healthy living.

I’ve followed the work of several of the best nutrition experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field studying biology, human physiology, nutrition science, and the use of whole foods and nutritional therapies to help treat and prevent chronic illnesses.

Today, my focus is more on the connection between the metabolic stress response (fight, fright and flight response) and metabolism (energy production); how chronic intermittent bouts of stress such as traffic, deadlines, divorce/dating, social/professional exceptions, food and or sleep deprivation, etc. can affect energy, vitality and mental health.

I work with forward-thinking CEO's and elite entrepreneurs offering innovative nutritional therapies and creative "health-style" interventions to help them, and their employees, maintain a more sustainable level of health.




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