Today everyone is so obsessed with “weight loss”; finding the perfect diet in an effort to improve their physical appearance and get "healthy", that they are depriving themselves more and more of the foods they need to maintain a healthy metabolism and more sustainable level of health.


My aim is to help you figure things out; to take everything you’ve learned, all the ideas and beliefs you have about diet, nutrition, exercise, disease prevention, and healthy living and help you make sense of it all.



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As a strategist, consultant and coach I'll offer you a deeper understanding of how your body works and provide you simple sustainable strategies to improve your health and metabolism.

I'll offer you a new way of thinking about "losing weight" and "being healthy" and encourage you to free yourself of your limiting beliefs about diet, nutrition and exercise.

Most of all I'll caution you on how avoiding several of the foods demonized by many of today’s “weight loss” experts can lower your metabolism (energy production) and cause all sorts of health problems. Moreover, how obsessing over what you eat can have a profoundly negative affect on you socially, emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically.



Corporate Culture is essential to the success of a company. But sustainable, long lasting success takes more then committed and enthusiastic employees, it takes energy, vitality and mental focus!


We all have different needs at different times in our lives. Learn to meet your needs in real time. Not what you needed two years ago, not what you will need two years from now but what you need today!


Books, blogs, videos, podcast, and webiners are all great ways to learn new things, but there's nothing like having an experience! Email me today to host a a live event at your office, business or NYC luxury highrise.




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Hey everyone, due to the blizzard in NYC we have postponed this event. Please check back for new a date and time.



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